The Decision!

Hertfordshire County Council’s Cabinet today decided to appoint Veolia ES Aurora Limited as their preferred bidder to build an “Energy from Waste” incinerator in Hertfordshire. Veolia plans to build the facility at New Barnfield in South Hatfield.

The alternative bidder was E.ON who proposed building the facility at Harper Lane, near Radlett.

The full Press release is here: News Release on Decision

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28 April decision – background paper published

Hertfordshire County Council has published the Agendas for the two meetings on Thursday 28 April which will decide the fate of the “Energy from Waste” Incinerator project.

They have also published a detailed (60 page!)  document item3progcabinet280411 explaining the whole Waste Procurement Programme.

But the papers relating to the “Closed” sections of the meetings at which the decision on the preferred bidder will be discussed are not, of course, available to us!

A Press Release will be issued following the Cabinet meeting at around 2 pm.

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Synagogue Meeting 11 May 2011

There will be a community meeting at Radlett United Synagogue at 8pm on Wednesday 11th May to discuss the proposed Incinerator at Harper Lane, Radlett. This will be hosted by the campaign group, WING, so please come along to show your support.

The final decision on a waste incinerator is being made on 28 April and is the result of a long-running procurement process between Herts County Council, EON (for Radlett) and Veolia (for Hatfield). While we cannot prevent the selection process going ahead (and will know the result before this meeting) we can certainly influence all steps the Council need to take after 28 April before any incinerator becomes a reality.

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Presentation and Letters

The presentation made at the Public Meeting at the Radlett Centre on 24 March is now available on this website here

Letters exchanged between our legal advisers Anthony Collins and Hertfordshire County Council and letters sent by WING to Councillors are also now on this website here

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Radlett Centre meeting

Some pictures from our Public Meeting at the Radlett Centre on Thursday 24 March 2011

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Feedback on meeting

Thank you for all the positive feedback on our meeting last week. We asked you to write to the County Councillors who are members of the Cabinet and we know many of you have done so. We asked for people to come forward as “road stewards” and we have had lots of volunteers but we still need more please!

Please keep writing and emailing the County Councillors so they can be in no doubt about the views of local residents about the proposed Harper Lane incinerator. And please keep donating money to our fighting funds and encourage all your friends and neighbours to do so too.

We will need to move quickly if E.ON and Harper Lane are selected on 28 April!

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WING on Twitter

You can now follow WING on Twitter. Our Twitter feed is

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